A bit about me

I entered the labor market in 2009 (during the last financial crisis). I quickly started to put money aside. These were eventually transferred into stocks. And I got my first dividend in December 2014.
Since that time, I have put almost all of my savings into dividend stocks. And my goal is to be able to pay my bills via stock dividends. I hope to reach that goal when I am around 50.
Over the last 12 months I have received about 36,500 dkk in dividends and this is enough to cover 2 months of consumption (inc dividend tax).

I graduated as Software Engineer from Aalborg Uni back in 2009.
I have been around Denmark for work. I have worked at Foulum experimental station as a developer of their mathematical models. I’ve been in Bankdata as a DevOp developer. And today I work his Miralix as App developer.

And lives in a 2 bedroom apartment. I cycle to work because I have chosen not to buy a car.