Dividend income in October

Yet another month has passed. This month I have recived money from:
Coca-Cola Company (The): 327,99 DK
G4S: 464,84 DKK
Pepsi: 196,43 DKK
Philip Morris International Inc 198,31 DKK
Tryg 365,53 DKK

Total 1553,10 DKK

This is enough for cover my water, heat and electricity

This is an increase of 3,8% since last year and is because dividend increase from those companies.

Doing the last 12 month I have resieved 36.408,52 dkk, and my currently stock worth is 1.348.490 dkk. The gain is 210.305. And the total gained dividend is up to 106.620,96


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