Dividend income in July

This Month I got dividend from 5 different companies:
Coca-Cola Company: 317,16 dkk
Pepsi: 188,85 dkk
Phillip Morris: 188,74 dkk
Tryk 365,50 dkk
Disney: 271,33 dkk

Total: 1331,58 dkk

It is 5.2 % higher than last year and is only due to increased dividend from the above companies.
It is nearly enough to cover my Utils (water, electricity etc).

Doing the last 12 month I have received 35931,51 dkk. That will cover 2 months worth of bills (include dividend tax)


2 thoughts on “Dividend income in July

    1. I am aiming for FI at 50 years old. But I dont plan to RE. I will use FI to be more selective about where I work and how much I work


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