Så er jeg kommet på forsiden af Euroinvestor hvis folk vil læse lidt mere om mig:

Dividend income in January 2020

The first month of the new year it close to its end. So it is time for a new report. This month I have received money from:
Pepsico 192,27 dkk
Philip Morris International Inc 196,54 dkk
Walt Disney Company (The) 271,65 dkk
Tryg A/S 720,25 dkk
Total 1380,71 dkk

This is an increase of 40,3% compared with January 2019. It is due to all company has increased their dividends and Tryg has given an extra ordinary dividend. It could nearly cover my utils this month.

I have also added 56 stock in Oracle that is one of the Dogs of the Dow.

I have also passed 1,5 mio dkk in value this month in stock values.

Goals for 2020

I hope you have interred 2020 with grace and have got the first good deal for the new year.

Have I had some goals for years? And do mind sharing them?

My own goal of investing 120.000 dkk this year and I hope it will increase my to 40.000 dkk in dividends (which corresponds to about 3 months expenses when the tax is paid)

Dividend income in December 2019

Another month has passed. And I have dividend from these companies:
Coca-Cola Company (The): $ 322,23
Coloplast B A / S: 672 dkk
Exxon Mobile corp: 234,66 dkk
Frontline: 412,74 dkk
IBM: 327,72 dkk
JnJ: 256,24 dkk
Microsoft: 102,31 dkk
Unilever: 155,17 dkk

Total 2483,07 dkk

I got about 40% more in December this year than December last year, because I’ve got new new companies in my portfolio, Frontline has resumed their dividend payout and the others have increased their dividend from last year.

The dividends received almost cover half of my rent.

My total share capital is 1.473.444 Dkk and I have received over 37.000 dkk in dividends this year.

May you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

New all time high

What a nice day today for shares

I know the stock exchanges are not closed yet so things may change.
I myself am at + 1.19% (+16.234 DKK). Today’s increase means that I have now passed the 300,000 dkk in share price increases and I am approaching the 1.5 million Danish kroner