Dividend income March 2020

Yet another month has passed. And what a month it has been. My stock value has been decreasing with around 400.000 dkk
Mærsk: 300 dkk

Carlsberg: 483

Exxon Mobile corp 229,64

Frontline 1527,56

IBM 320,7

H. Lundbeck A/S: 246

JnJ 250,75

Micorsoft: 102,17

Marine Harvest: 376.39

NNIT: 240

Novo Nordisk B A/S 529.65

Novozime: 577,5

Pandora: 261

Unilever: 158,39

Ørsted: 1029

Total 8000,92 dkk

This can cover my rent. It is 9,8% larger than Marts last year. It is do to increase from most company, dividend from some other company has been shuffling around. Example I receive Mærsk a bit early but I have yet to receive from Danske Bank.


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