Dividend income in June

Another month is going towards the end and therefore it is time to see what I’ve got in return:

Exxon Mobile corp; 229.42 dkk
G4S plc: 851.36 dkk
IBM: 320.40 dkk
JnJ: 250.37 dkk
Microsoft: 91.37 dkk

Total 1742.92 dkk

This is enough to cover my utils and a couple of pizzas

My ordinary dividend has increased by 7% compared to last year and is only due to the fact that I have wet more from each individual company.
However, it must also be said that last year I got an extra ordinary dividend from Bayer so I have gone a bit back and now lies at 35860 dkk over the last 12 months.
And my total share value is now 1.269.198 dkk


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