Dividend in August

Another month is nearing the end and therefore time for yet another dividend overview.

I have received from:
Apple: $ 103.47
Colgate-Palmolive Company 115.64 dkk
general dynamics corporation 136.27 dkk
Copenhagen Airport 121.12 dkk
NNIT 240 dkk
Novo Nordisk B A / S 297 dkk
P&G 140.41 dkk

A total of 1153.91 dkk

This is not quite enough to cover my utils (water, heat, electricity etc) but it is close.

The interesting thing that happened this month is that Pandora has postponed the exchange to next month (compared to last year) and I have received NNIT. So I received about the same as August last year.

I’ve also done some graphs that you can see elsewhere on my blog.


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