Dividend income in September

Yet another month has passed. This month I have gotten 1723 dkk in dividends. I have increased my dividends from September by 70% compared with last year’s September and it is because Pandora has moved its dividend day from last month to this month, I have added Unilever and increase of payout from the rest of my stocks from this month. This cover my water, head, electricity and internet connection.

I have gotten money from:
Exxon Mobile corp: 328,44
JnJ: 256,82
Microsoft: 92,78
Mowi: 390,42
Pandora: 261
Unilever; 158,36

During the last 12 month I have resived 36.352,57 dkk in dividends and would cover app 2 month of basic stuff (including tax). I have resived 106.023,36 dkk in dividend since I started. And my portfolio’s value is 1.345.026 dkk the price increase has been 206.840 dkk


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