Dividends in May

Another month have past. And it is time for another dividend update
I have received around 5500 dkk in dividends witch will cover my rent for this month. It is 76% more that last year and is both due to new stocks and more dividends from existing stocks.
This month I got from
ABB: 780,07 dkk
Activision blizzard: 332,15 dkk
Alm brand: 1200 dkk
Apple: 102,87 dkk
Bayer: 689,89 dkk
Colgate Palmoils: 114,61 dkk
Colgate: 280 dkk
General dynamics: 135,64 dkk
Marine Harvest: 398,85 dkk
Paradox Interactive: 159,92 dkk
Sap: 627.38 dkk
Volkswagen: 508,11 dkk

Total 5468,65 dkk
I have also made a few graphs for the fun:


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